This proposal involves the design of appropriate environments for work activities, so that they are performed within a recreational context, counting on the user`s active participation.

Play takes the human being further than the Iimits of ordinary experience. As such, play can enrich work in variety, mobility, and in adequate challenges, always within prepared environments to make it possible, thereby inviting one to participate. Whenever play is included in work, the individual achieves a self-fulfillment experience, well beyond the work accomplished.

A location for the project was sought where activities would not normally have anything to do with play, and the challenge was to interrelate daily work tasks with play for users, so that they could experiment, innovate, discover, and be open to participating and provoking changes in their environment. One thing is transformed into another. In this way, the distance between the public and architecture is eliminated.

The designed environments are stimulating and provide freedom of action. Moreover, multiple options are presented so that the user can select them. This allows activities developed there to favor a continuous feeling of challenge, novelty, and satisfaction. These are spaces that generate distinct pertinence.

The architecture in this proposal, simple in form, will become complex with participation of the user. It uses mechanisms that are easily handled, and available to everyone.

The architectural design is flexible, for it permits the user to make many movements, beginning with elements that are virtually fixed. The spaces and planes are adaptable to the needs of whoever uses them. The spaces suggest the activities, and do not tell one how they should be done. The architectural planes, with their movements and possibilities, allow for multiple alternatives for performance, with the presence of fixed blocks, moveable planes and modules that are completely portable.



creative offices: RECREATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS IN ARCHITECTURE by daniel moreno in Ecuador won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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