The reconstruction and extension of the administration building of the Kozala cemetery and the design of the square at the entrance to the cemetery is a significant improvement to that part of Rijeka. The complex is located at the fringe of a protected historical unit from the art nouveau period. Following an analysis of the task and of the existing situation, the need arose to maximally conceal the unattractive parts from visitors. This is why the new façade of the integral object is treated as a ‘floating’ backdrop to the square, on which the existing greenery is reflected. The existing object is concealed with a screen of greenery, surrounding it from the northern and eastern side, while the western side facing the cemetery forms the entrance atrium - the utility yard. The design of the square in front of the building is a kind of intermezzo on the promenade curve from the direction of the park towards the central promenade in the cemetery, and its material presents a minimal difference from the promenade slabs. The slabs are made from granulated artificial crushed stone which is the universal recognizable element in cemeteries, and processed in three different ways: cast, terrazzo and polished terrazzo.An essential part of the project concept is the greenery. The existing vegetation is carefully harmonized with new plants, together with the new facilities like benches and lighting. The third essential part is the preservation of the flower kiosks, by placing them below the ‘floating’ volume of the house into glass cylinders, thus additionally visually emphasizing the new intervention.




Sanjin Kunic