childhood evocative mantle is a project of a new model of urban development who answers to the new forms of habitability for the major adult. The challenge is to construct a new zone lacking in green areas. The project comes out of a quantitative question of creating a high number of housing protected, for it was transforming in a qualitative question. More that to construct housings, we create inhabitable environments in which the different scales are solved: the neighborhood, the fish-ponds and the rooms.

The project of housings for elders, where the principal thing is that in winter it propitiates the meeting to the air "free" since in Concepcion, Chile, this condition gets lost already it is so vital for the elders since it is the meeting in community besides the fact that this mantle works as greenhouse effect provided between(among) 5 º to 10 º C more of heat in winter and in summer expired flowers are wrapped for provided the shade for the same meeting.

The set is a model who integrates an agricultural environment. But now our challenge is to manage to do that the major adult does not feel segregated and has a utility in the society where the elder affects in his recreation for the sustenance of the set habitation, having economic earnings. Where the problem is the solution to the project. Beside concerning in the emotional resonance of the elders since for the theory of which when we come wing oldness we return to look and feel the world as children



childhood evocative mantle by PATRICIO MORA in Chile won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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