‘Zapurza’ Club House is the focal point of the planned neighbourhood area`Whispering Woods` and centre of attraction. Simplicity reflects through every element used to design the structure. Red brick wall covered with thatch roof stands amidst of welcoming green avenues surrounded by palms. Four kiosks stand adjacent to these structures which are constructed with eco friendly and low cost materials as concrete columns covered by Mangalore tiles. Each kiosk is an open structure and furnished with durable and polished cane furniture. Kiosks are surrounded by flooring of flagstones with bit of hariyali in the joints.
A wooden bridge which is interestingly designed connects the four kiosks. It suspends over an artificially created water body. It is constructed of wooden logs .The side rails are designed of horizontal iron bars and chains attached to wooden struts topped over by a wooden log as a hand rail. The structures are meticulously designed with proper attention paid to each construction joint.
The Club house is surrounded by lively crotons, Lantanas and variety of flowering plants with an adjacent coconut tree giving it a look of a rural dwelling.
At the entrance of this club house stand two exquisite sculptures resembling female forms with creepers planted in it. The gate with its simple form attracts your attention which are two vertical concrete pillars, with verticals posts and connecting horizontal members which are again concrete structures painted, giving them an authentic look of wooden logs. The pathways leading to kiosks are unruly and planted with hariyali in between.