The silk and spice routes crossed mountains and deserts, individuals spentmonths travelling to buy, sell and exchange. This new trading route is not limited by time or space. Communities will offer products and exchange information through a netweork of hubs.

`The Route` is a universla hub, an instant bridge between the East and the West. It is located in innumerable communities through Asia and provides access to economic opportunities, democratic freedom, social aspirations and vast knowledge.

You move up the stairs from the community space to `the Route` and you can travel on a bridge for communication and information. A modern caravanserai without walls or boundaries.

The outer skin of the hub serves as medium for constant exchange of information, connecting distant communities for instant and real-time interaction.

As an experiment, this `pod` was built as a pavilion by the architect. It was meant to serve as a place for exhibition and interaction, becoming a bridge between the conceptual and the realised.




Maulik Bansal