Diving center is placed at "zakrzówek" - former limestone quarry

The exploitation of upper jura was finished in 1991, and the main excavation was flooded.
Water and park-water direction of development is planned for this quarry.

Now it is considered as one of the best places to dive in poland.

The main idea was to provide facilities for divers including

locker-rooms with showers, equipment room, equipment service, shop, library ( main building )
quest rooms ( building 2 ) and bar /restaurant and exibution space in building C.

the lake is trated like a swimming pool. AFter putting on the wetsuit , you can get to the water level
by elevator or stairs. There you can find some storage room and compressor room,

Below the water level there is a lecture room with wide openning.

The local urbanistic configuration was used to integrate the building into the existing and proposed landscape.
The main axis of the complex is the old road which led to the bottom of the quarry.
now it is used as the main element of architectural compostion,

three builidngs creates kind of the portal, gate which takes you to the world of limestone whiteness and crystal blue water.
thanks to this solution the small, rocky headland could be arranged as public space whit store rooms, terrain teraces and direct
water acces.