Rasmus Hjortshøj is a Danish photographer specializing in the representation of architecture, interiors, and urban environments. He is a trained architect and holds a Ph.D. degree in architecture and urban studies, focusing on coastal territories in the Anthropocene. Rasmus's work is characterized by a wide range of approaches, media, and collaborations, all of which are focused on the representation of the urban environment.

Through architecture and interior photography, Rasmus works with some of the leading practices and institutions in the field of architecture and design focusing on the connection between architecture and environment, inscribing the built structures into their urban context and highlighting their human interactions.

Additionally, Rasmus engages in what he calls territorial photography, combining mapping with aesthetic framing to highlight the urban coastal territories in which he predominantly works. To pursue these interests, he has established a research branch of his studio called COAST. Through COAST, the studio engages in a range of collaborations in practice and academia, working across various media and scales ranging from the immediate local sphere to its larger territorial contexts. These collaborations focus on architecture, planning, and the environment and aim to shed new light on how architecture is shaping and being shaped by the territories it occupies.

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