World Architecture Jobs


1. Do I have to be a member of the website to post a job ad?

Yes. You must create an account on this page.

2. Who can advertise to World Architecture Jobs?

Architects, Architecture Offices, Interior Designers, Interior Design Offices and Institutions (Institutions should register as "Other" status to the website) are eligible to advertise on World Architecture Jobs.

Recruitment agencies can create an account on the WAC on behalf of their clients by correctly declaring their client's name and other information and post job adverts on their client's behalf.

3. What types of jobs can I post on World Architecture Jobs?

There are more than 100 job types listed on the system relevant with architecture business. When you post a job, you can select a job type from this list that is suitable for your vacancy.

4. Is there different job ad packages?

Yes, there are 4 different packages, including Featured Jobs, as options. You can find the detailed content of the different packages here.

5. How long will a job ad remain on the website?

A job ad will remain 60 days on the website. After expiry, it will automatically be removed from the website.

The date you enter in the "Deadline For Applications" section of the job ad form is the expiry date of your job ad. After this date expires, the job ad will be automatically removed from the World Architecture Jobs page. In this context, you can give a maximum of 60 days for applications in the job posting form.

6. What is the price of a job ad?

The price of a job ad varies according to the package type you choose. All prices are expressed in US Dollars inclusive of VAT where applicable. You can see the prices for all packages here.

7. Where will my job ad be showcased on the website?

All job ads will be showcased on a dedicated page of World Architecture Jobs, while Featured Job Packages will be displayed at the top of the page.

Besides, Featured Job ads will be shared once across WAC’s social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

8. Can I use a job ad for more than one position?

No. A job ad can only be used for one position. For other positions, you must purchase a new job ad. If you have several vacancies for the same position, you can specify how many people you are looking for that position in the job description.

However, you can purchase as many job ads packages, as you want. Please read WA Jobs Terms and Conditions.

9. How long does it take for my job ad to be published on World Architecture Jobs website?

Job ads are reviewed by the WA Jobs editorial team within 24 hours after your job ad is submitted to our system and are usually published in the same day unless your content needs any adjustments. Job ads submitted after 17:00 pm (UTC+3) will be evaluated in the next business day. Please keep in mind that our office is closed during weekends.

10. Can I make changes after my job ad has been published?

You contact [email protected] to request amendment on your job ad. However, WAC does not guarantee to make amendment on the job ad and will only evaluate amendments for reasonable conditions.

11. Can I make changes immediately after I submit my job ad and if it hasn't been published yet?

You contact [email protected] to request amendment on your job ad within 24. In this review process, WAC will evaluate your amendment inquiry, however, WAC does not guarantee to make amendment on the job ad.

12. Do you accept job ad for internship?

Yes, we accept the internship ads as long as it is a paid position. Internship ads that do not offer salary will not be published.

13. How can I make my payment and how can I get my invoice for submitted job ad?

At World Architecture Jobs, you can make your payment with your credit card. World Architecture Community uses secured credit card payments, it doesn’t store any credit card information on the website (See WA Membership Benefits).

World Architecture Community accepts, Visa, MasterCard (both available globally) and AliPay (available in China).

Once you complete your purchase for your job ad, you will receive a payment receipt automatically to your registered email. You can also see your payment receipts on your WAC Settings under the Billing info. All receipts are downloadable. If you want a separate invoice, you can contact at: [email protected].

If you are having trouble paying with a credit card, you can contact us at: [email protected].

14. How can I create a company profile in World Architecture Community?

In order to create a company profile on WAC, if you are an architecture office for example, first you need to create an account with the architect’s name and surname on this page. You will see an “Upgrade Now” option on your WAC Settings to be able to upgrade your account to Professional Membership (See WA Membership Benefits). After upgrade, you will have an option to create a company profile.

15. How will I see applications to my job ad?

You need to sign in to your WAC account and click on “My Jobs” at the sign in / sign up menu, and then click on “My Job Ads”. Under each of your Job Ad, you will see “Applications” button. You can click on it to see the received applications for each job ad.

Meanwhile, you will also receive an automatic notification to your registered email once someone applied to your job ad. In this notification email, you can also download the applicant’s CV.

16. Where can I follow the latest status of my job ad?

You can follow the latest status of your job ads, applications, etc. on the right side menu under the “My Jobs” button after signed in to your account.

World Architecture Jobs


1. Do I need to be a member of World Architecture Community to apply for a job?

Yes, you need to create an account from here to be able to apply for a job.

2. How will I apply for a job?

You will see the "Apply Job" button on the detail page of each job advert on the World Architecture Jobs Page. By clicking this button, you can upload your CV and write your cover letter for your application.

3. How will I know if my application was successful?

Please first check if you are signed in to the World Architecture Community Portal. Once signed in, you can see all your submitted applications from the “My Jobs” page, under the “My Applications tab”. All your active and expired job applications will be listed here.

4. I'm having trouble making my application, how can I solve it?

You should be sure of the size and the format of your CV before uploading. Your CV should not exceed 10MB and your CV’s document must be in pdf file format. If you are still having problems, you can contact us: [email protected].

Any further questions? Send us an email at: [email protected]. For more information, visit WA Jobs Terms and Conditions.