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Profile:Born in Amsterdam, Holland. Graduated from UC Berkeley in 1976 (Masters Arch) and continued at MIT under the MAAS on Housing and Human Settlement Design for Developing Countries Post Graduate Program. Thesis on “Balance Settlement Design”, a participatory guide on Eco Settlement Design. Worked with Esherick, Dodge , Homsey Associates and HOK in San Francisco, continued as a Journeymen Carpenter, and becoming a Construction Manager and later the Director of Construction for Urban Design Corp, a Developer/ Contractor Company. One of the Founding Fathers of Asian Neighborhood Design , a Community Design Center (CDC) in San Francisco. Worked in Mexico on Squatters upgrading project. Currently living in Indonesia . Most activities are in experimenting various community based development settlement projects related to poverty alleviation and eco community design . Taught at several campuses all thru the nation, at NUS (Singapore) and Darmstadt (Germany). Past awards : Alcoa Design Award (UC Berkeley), Fulbright Architecture Student Award (UC Berkeley), Aga Khan Architecture Award, Albert Bermis Award (MIT) , Governor Ronald Reagan Merit (California), IAI Best Architect Award (Indonesia).



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Floating Street Hawkers’ Centers & the River Front Nodes

antonio ismael risianto