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Robert has a top-rated web site in sustainable architecture, http://www.aloha.net/~laumana.He was formerly a guest Professeur Associe in Paris, Villette, and a Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland. Robert develops sustainable alternatives at his eco living community project in Hawaii, and practices in California, Nevada, and New Zealand.Recent research in spatiality produced: Posturbanism and Paradise: Real Gardens, Vicarious Landscapes or Virtual Arenas for Stillness and Spectacle, Dr. Peter Diprose, Robert D. Hotten, Kelly O’Meara, CADE Conference, “The Paradox of Stillness”, September 2007, Perth. Robert has drafted Very Simple Sustainability (VSS). and comments Less, after all, costs less. That is, small housesreduce environmental, social, and economic costs of housing by 75% with reduced loads.



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