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Juan Carlos Baumgartner was born in Mexico DF in 1972. He studied architecture at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, specialized in Art History at Berkeley University in California, received a degree on Interior Design at UNAM and post graduated on Industrial Design at Domus Academy in Milan. In 1996 he co funds the firm called Space Architecture in Chicago and later in 1999 funds Space Latinoamerica in Mexico City, where he currently works while collaborating with projects in United States, Europe and Asia. His philosophy relies on the importance of including both research and technology to ways of thinking and working, always looking for sustainable solutions that not only respect the environment but help improve our surroundings. Committed to this idea, SPACE Mexico becomes the first architecture firm in Latin America with LEED C1 certified offices.



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Juan Carlos Baumgartner


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Juan Carlos Baumgartner