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Chinese Vernacular: The Weiwu at Dafuzhen

Chinese Vernacular: The Weiwu at Dafuzhen

by Qinghua Guo (Author), Yuyu Chang (Contributor)

Two main types of residential architecture have dominated the architecture in the Fujian region in China. They, known as tulou and weiwu, have been developed in parallel. Both for communal living, but distinct from each other in terms of setting, layout, form and size.

A good deal is known about tulou which has been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage in 2008, but existing scholarship on weiwu is lacking. This book offers students and professionals with an expert introduction to vernacular of what has been termed the essence of architecture, with the Dafuzhen weiwu as a case. This work focuses on issues of both architecture and planning with attention to details.

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