A great selection of books on architecture from our editors.

Patkau Architects: Material Operations
Image, Text, Architecture: The Utopics of the Architectural Media
Displacements: Architecture and Refugee
Hong Kong Housing Beyond Uniformity
Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies
Kinaesthetic Knowing: Aesthetics, Epistemology, Modern Design
Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air
The Art Space (Harvard GSD Studio Report)
What is a Museum Now?: Snøhetta and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Ethics of the Urban: The City and the Spaces of the Political
Assemble: How We Build. Hintergrund 55
Simon Phipps Finding Brutalism: A Photographic Survey of Post-War British Architecture
The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity
Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models: 14 Kirigami Buildings to Cut and Fold
Zaha Hadid Architects: Redefining Architecture and Design
Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone
And Now: Architecture Against a Developer Presidency (Essays on the Occasion of Trumps Inauguration) (The Avery Review)
101 Things I Learned in Architecture School (MIT Press)
Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession