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Architecture Awards

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Since 2006 and for over 20 Cycles, World Architecture Community organises the prestigious and acclaimed WA Awards 20+10+X. The aim of the WA Community Awards is to highlight and recognise remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public, yet have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse.

Now, after seven years and thousands of participating projects from all around the Globe, time has come for us to re-think the WA Awards to better reflect both participants profiles and participating projects.

In doing so, we are introducing several changes, below are some highlights of these changes:

1. We are dividing the competition into 3 distinct categories:
- WA Designed Award: Projects that were not built,
- WA Realised Award: Projects that are actually built,
- WA Student Award: Projects designed by Students.

2. One of the most important changes we are introducing is participants must make a conscious decision to participate to the competition. Please consult "How to...?" to read more about this important change.

3. We are reducing the number of cycles to 3 cycles per year, to give more breathing room to our jury, while giving participants more time to finalise their projects.

4. As opposed to the previous 20+10+X, the re-engineered WA Awards will include 3 sets of 10+5+X (one per category as described in #1 above). As per the previous setup, the WA Jury, composed by a mixture of our Honorary Members and earlier WA Award Winners, will select the first 10. The next 5 will be awarded based on the ratings of fellow community members of World Architecture. Finally, the "X" will be those projects, which did not make it to the final selection of 10 or 5, but which had that something "special", that made them worthy of selection and acknowledgement as "X" by the WA Jury.

5. Professional Members may participate to the WA Designed Award or WA Realised Award categories, with a single project by cycle, free-of-charge as part of their membership benefits.

6. Academic Members may participate to the WA Student Award category, with a single project by cycle, free-of-charge.

7.Associate Members may participate to the WA Concept Award or WA Realised Award categories but will be subject to a fee. The Professional and Academic members may participate with additional projects in a given cycle, subject to a fee as well. In both cases, participation to the WA Designed Award will require a fee of $100 per cycle and per project submission, while the WA Realised Award will be subject to $200 per cycle and per project submission.

8. Associate or Professional Members may not participate to the WA Student Award category, however, Students who wish to compete with Associate or Professional Members may participate to the WA Designed Award category, with the same fees as described above (see #6).

9. Associate Members who participated in either WA Designed Award or WA Realised Award categories, as of the 22nd Cycle by paying a fee, and who actually won an Award will be granted with a "Free Pass" for a future WA Award cycle. This "Free Pass" must be used within the next two cycles or it will become void. The "Free Pass" may be used in either WA Designed Award or WA Realised Award, regardless of the original category in which it was awarded. A new "Free Pass" may also be won as a result of a "Free Pass" participation, if the participant wins an award in a subsequent cycle, while using a "Free Pass".

10. In addition to the special posters that are created for the winners, World Architecture Community will be introducing WA Award Certificates that will be made available to the participants.

At the top of this page, you will see:
"How to...?" icon which will take you to the "How to Participate?" page where you will get more specific and important information about the participating to the WA Awards,
"Current Cycle" icon which will take you to the section where you as community members can rate current cycle's participating projects and the WA Jury can vote, and finally the
"WA Winners" icon will guide you to review all the previous cycles winners.

Make sure to participate to this acclaimed competition to showcase your work and get the recognition of your peers that you deserve while getting your projects the visibility they need...