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Daniel Libeskind creates stack of glass volumes for Downtown Tower in Lithuania

WA Contents • July 18, 2016 • 1564

Daniel Libeskind's new design 'Downtown Tower' for Vilnius, Lithuania is composed of stack of glass volumes, arranged irregularly at site. Called the Downtown Tower-k18B, new proposal, the new design is a harmonious progression of glass volumes that consists of a 18-storey tower, set atop a 6-storey podium that are connected by a luminous glass-covered galeria. The building’s ground floor hosts public facilities including a restaurant, bar and retail as well as hotel an (...)

Tadao Cern blows away Black Balloons by using different gases creating sculptural balance in the air

WA Contents • June 6, 2016 • 2471

Lithuanian artist and photographer Tadao Cern created a striking installation, which is composed of more than 400 balloons, strictly and geometrically arranged in many lines. Titled 'Black Balloons', this particular composition is coming from Tadao Cern's curiosity and experience on 'connecting two balloons' and making new composition one by one, which gave the artist a creative process like a 'childhood game' and then turned into an experiential process creati (...)

Daniel Libeskind unveils design for a New Lithuanian Modern Art Center

WA Contents • November 24, 2015 • 1722

image courtesy of Studio LibeskindViktoras Butkus and Danguole Butkiene, co-founders of the non-profit Modern Art Center (MAC) Vilnius, along with Mayor Remigijus Simasius, announce the design of a new modernist museum by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, Studio Libeskind in partnership with Do architects, Vilnius and Baltic Engineers, Vilnius. Surrounded by a new public piazza located steps away from the historic medieval city, the 3,100 sq-meters museum (...)

virtual tour

Ignas Vengalis • November 10, 2013 • 475

http://ngarchitects.lt/lt/virtualus-arvydo  (...)

The Empty House

Vladas Balsys • April 13, 2012 • 8471

ARCHITECTURE WITHOUT THINGS. “Empty home” represents architecture without things. This architecture allows to hear silence, to inhale peacefulness, and to get rest. The space acquires a new meaning by freeing itself from things and creating more leisure time to a person. Human body becomes the most important object in an empty home while architecture is only an auxiliary robe. Target structure of the designed single storey house is formed out of three clearly separated functional parts: sup (...)