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PAO renovates Plugin House with prefabricated panels to make it affordable in Beijing’s historic site

WA Contents • December 09, 2016 • 307

PAO-People's Architecture Office has renovated a house by only using prefabricated panels to decrease the cost of the house thirty times less than the cost of buying a typical apartment in the Beijing neighbourhood. The Plugin House is custom designed for Mrs. Fan, a traditional Chinese family, newlyweds like her are expected to purchase a car and move into a new house in the suburbs to start the next phase of their life. But for people in their early 30’s who wish to be financially i (...)

Sheep and Goat Fencing

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 5

Sheep fencing and goat fencing is essential for safeguarding animals. It made from high tensile heavily galvanized wire, offers unrivalled strength, a secure boundary and comprehensive protection from predators.Our sheep and goat fence is available in a variety of styles: ringlock fencing, hinged joint fencing, and fixed knot fencing. All these fences are simple in structure, easy maintenance, short installation period, less weight, easy for transport. And it is suitable for borders in fields an (...)

Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 5

Diamond mesh horse fencing is the best safe and charming field fencing for horses, and it has strong and flexible mesh construction, with no hurt to your horses.Diamond mesh horse fence specifications:Height: 127cm (50").Length per roll: 50.29m (165').Weight per roll: 113kg.Horizontal wire: 12.5 gauge (2 ply cable).Vertical wire: 10 gauge.When install diamond mesh fence can use galvanized posts or wood posts according special conditions. Galvanized post and wood post horse fencing images as (...)

Very practical and generous beautiful chain curtains in our life

Amy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 77

Metal Coil DraperyMetal Coil Drapery with gold color appear noble.Chain link curtainChain link curtain with purple color appear elegantChain link curtain with sliver color appear freshChainmail Curtain for many placeschainmail curtain dividing living room and kitchen is very natural.Shimmering scale mesh curtain as a fashion style decoration curtain widely used in weddings, parties, banquets, salons, showcases and other places.Ring Mesh CurtainRing mesh curtain with different types.Cha (...)

On the Softening Mechanism of Recycled Ferrite / Martensitic Steel

sdjsblues blues • December 09, 2016 • 33

Low-cycle fatigue tests were carried out on three different ferrite / martensitic steels at room temperature and 550 ° C, respectively, of EUROFER97, commercial AISI 410 and AISI 420 of RAFM Europe. After some initial cycles, all of these steels were observed to have a cyclic softening that continued until failure occurred. AISI420 exhibited a softening cycle that was not as pronounced as the other two steels. Based on the study of yield stress components, friction and reverse stress, t (...)

Forming Mechanism of Mold Slag Ring in 304 Stainless Steel Continuous Casting

sdjsblues blues • December 09, 2016 • 28

304 stainless steel because of its good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, widely used in mobile phones, tableware, auto parts, construction, medical equipment and other fields. In these areas, people are no exception on the appearance of the product requirements are extremely harsh. In the continuous casting process, mold slag ring is easy slag defects caused by one of the main. Because the slag ring once grown up, will prevent the molten (...)

Livestock fencing panel

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 8

Livestock Fencing Panels to Keep Predators OutLivestock fence panel, also known as welded rod panel, is designed for building perimeter fences to keep a herd of goats or cattle. Our livestock fence panels are made of heavy weight wire rods with heavy zinc coating or PVC coating for corrosion and rust resistance. A wide range of wire configurations is available according to animals you kept. Meanwhile, our livestock fence panels can be painted in any color upon your request.Features:Quality mater (...)

Camel Fence

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 5

Fixed Knotted Camel fence with specifications as below:Material: high tensile wire and low carbon wire.Wire: 2mm - 3.5mm.Surface: electro galvanized and hot dipped galvanized.Height = 1900mm.75 + 75 + 150 + 150 + 200 + 200 + 250 + 250 + 275 + 275mm;Gap between vertical drop wires 600mm.WiresTop and bottom wires 3.50mm 900-1100 N/mm2.9 Line wires: 3.00mm 900-1100 N/mm2.Vertical drop wires 3.00mm 650-850 N/mm2.Knot wires 3.00mm 650-800 N/mm2.Knot wires 3.00mm 650-800 N/mm2. (...)

Cattle Fence

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 7

Cattle fence is one type of field fence best suited for large areas. If you breed deer, cattle, horse, sheep and other animals, cattle fence is the best choice as borders in the fields and grassland. Cattle fence can help keep your livestock in where they belong and protect them from the violation of any outside predators. We can use high strength steel wire or zinc coating wire to weave cattle fence.The advantages of steel cattle fence are simple in structure, easy maintenance, short insta (...)

Field Fence

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 5

The right Field Fence you need for horse, deer and sheepField fence is the most ideal wire fence for farm and ranch uses. the fence opening can be square, rectangular or spacing. field fence can have many weaving types, such as fixed knot fence, hinge joint fence, square deal knot fence, diamond mesh fence, woven wire fence and chain link field fence. There are very widely range uses and features.Classification of fence:Agricultural fence (such as horse fencing, livestock panel fence);Ranch fenc (...)

Deer Fence

Ammy Zhang • December 09, 2016 • 7

Why select a deer fence?It seems that deer like to chew up trees, vegetables and flowers in your garden. Maybe you've tried many measures - sight, sound, touch repellents, to solve deer problems. However, deer are still frequent visitors of your garden. Hence, it is time to consider a fence which integrates high tensile with long durable.Our main products: Polypropylene deer fence and Fixed-knot deer fence.Poly deer fence is characterized by lightweight, long durability, easy installation a (...)

Rongor Design elaborates interior of Huafa & City Hub Wuhan Sales Center with ripplings of water

WA Contents • December 08, 2016 • 560

Rongor Design has completed interior design of Huafa & City Hub Wuhan Sales Center in China by interpreting ripplings of water in different forms. Led by Qin Yue-Ming, Principal of Rongor, the architect used the theme of 'water' responding to Wuhan's local culture. The architect used different patterns of ripplings of water by combining with wood, stainless steel, white jade with straight grain and leather, which creates a holistic approach and unity in the interior.  (...)

The green-infilled Chengdu City Music Hall by Aedas inspired by Chinese landscape paintings

WA Contents • December 02, 2016 • 653

Chengdu City Music Hall in China will be the first green-infilled, terraced and scenic music hall of the world designed by Aedas. Designed by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas, the Chengdu City Music Hall was selected Future Project of the year in Competition Entries category at the World Architecture Festival. Located at the Wuhou district in Chengdu, China, the Chengdu City Music Hall complex balances cultural components within a dense urban environment disconnected from its traditional (...)

Filter Disc

Amy Zhang • November 29, 2016 • 20

Filter disc, also named wire mesh filter disc, screen filter disc, is made of metal wire mesh, such as galvanized wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, black iron cloth. The operation principle of filter discs is to separate or screen one substance from another. Thus, you can remove unwanted contaminants from fluid, air, or solid. We offer filters of different materials, different shapes, different layers, different weaving methods, different wrapping edge materials, d (...)

Ennead Architects’ Shanghai Planetarium for Science and Technology Museum Breaks Ground

WA Contents • November 25, 2016 • 1858

Global architecture practice Ennead Architects broke ground last week on the Shanghai Planetarium, the new 38,000 square-metre planetarium that will define a new identity for the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (SSTM) and the Lingang district of Shanghai. The international competition-winning design draws inspiration from astronomical principles, invoking the experience of orbital motion. Each of the building’s three principal forms – the Oculus, the Inverted Dome an (...)

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza breaks ground in China

WA Contents • November 25, 2016 • 1744

Zaha Hadid Architects' Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza in Baiyun New Town, Guangzhou, China, has broken ground. Its site was acquired by LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), a member of Lee Kum Kee Group, through its Guangdong Infinitus Property Development Company, in May 2016 for RMB 2.01 billion (approx. US$ 294 million).The groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by Mr. Lee Man Tat, Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman, Mr. Charlie Lee, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group, Mr. Sammy Lee, Chairman and Man (...)

Polyester Dryer Fabric

Amy Zhang • November 25, 2016 • 12

Polyester dryer fabric, constructed of monofilaments, is designed for solid or liquid separation, sludge dewatering, most of all, paper drying at an exacting high temperature. Normally, this fabric will carry the paper sheet to travel around a large-diameter heated cylinder for appropriate water evaporation. To make sure the fabric will hold the paper sheet firmly, it should be rugged enough with excellent heat resistance. And we are proud to say that our range of polyester dryer fabric is exact (...)

Boegger Industrial Limited-Sintered Mesh

Amy Zhang • November 22, 2016 • 17

Five-layer sintered mesh is a standard combination of five layers wire meshes with different openings and diameters through sintering (diffusion-bonding) in vacuum, which improves the characteristics of stainless steel woven wire mesh. By bonding the contact points of different wire meshes together, five-layer sintered mesh has become an integrated porous material with enhanced mechanical strength, high permeability and better structural integrity, because the sintering process remains the good (...)

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