What is World Architecture Community?

A trusted source and platform for architects and architecture around the globe...

Tens of thousands of architects, architecture offices, students and academics are members of our portal where they can create their profile pages, and upload their projects. As a truly global platform, WAC is the place where international contemporary architecture is expressed from all horizons, providing an equal opportunity to those countries generally less covered by international media.

The mixture of exclusive and syndicated architecture news, published on World Architecture Community's News section, was viewed close to 164 million times, and projects posted by its members were viewed over 75 million times in total, since 2008. With over 595,000 Twitter and over 350,000 Instagram followers, World Architecture Community is also quite active and followed on social media.

Finally, the WA Awards competition recognises the best projects in 3 different categories: Designed, Realised and Student. Up-to 10+5+X projects are awarded every cycle, 3 times a year, since 30 cycles, in a selection made by a combination of the votes of honorary members and previous cycle winners (10), as well as the votings of our community members (5).


Membership Types

There are typically 3 types of memberships at WAC.

Standard and free membership is Associate, which allows you to create a simple profile page and upload your projects. As an Associate member, you may also participate to the WA Awards, provided a participation fee is paid.

Professional membership grants you the right to participate to the WA Awards in either category, free-of-charge with one project per cycle for one full year - that's typically 3 cycles. In addition, Professional members have access to rich profile and project pages, and many more benefits.

Students may become Academic members and may participate to the WA Awards in the Student category, both free-of-charge.


Your Office Page = Your Website

Rich enough to be used as your company website.

Professional members of WAC are entitled to create an office page, where they can describe their office, post their work, provide contact information and have an internet presence. Furthermore, others who work in the same office can virtually join their office page and get listed as part of the team on the office page.


Responsive Design

Available seamlessly on all your favorite devices.

World Architecture Community's responsive design allows our visitors to browse or use our portal with all their favorite devices. Be it on a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile device, your experience on WAC is just awesome.


Big Pictures

To make sure your projects get the attention they deserve.

Projects uploaded to World Architecture Community are presented in a new larger format, allowing our community to view your projects in all their beauty. We encourage our members to upload high-resultion pictures to maximize the experience of our visitors.


WA Awards 10+5+X

A great example of a crowdsourcing competition...

With over 30 cycles, the World Architecture Community Awards 10+5+X is a well-established and recognised competition giving both its participants and winners, be it Architects or Students, a great opportunity to have their projects highlighted and recognised both among their peers and in the marketplace.

Given the International nature of World Architecture Community, participants from around the Globe and in particular from regions less covered by general or specialised media, get a chance to share and promote their projects, which would otherwise go unnoticed, while potentially initiating new and exciting questions or issues about Contemporary Architecture.

There are 3 categories in which the participants can compete: Designed, Realised and Student. While confirmed architects may compete in both the Designed and Realised categories, they can not participate in the Student category which is reserved to Students, as per its name.

Awarding follows a very democratic procedure where all WA Jury members votes (for the 10) or World Architecture Community members votings (for the 5) have equal weight and are effective in the final decision.


And so much more...

Other important points of interest about World Architecture Community.

Country Reporters Program

A unique initiative by WAC called upon volountary reporters to become the voice of their country on WAC and the face of WAC in their country. We are proud to count over 27 reporters already.

Some Stats

WAC received about 2,000,000 unique visitors with 6.7 million pageviews in 2021 (source: Google Analytics). That's over 60% and 50% increase respectively, year-over-year.

Secure Credit Card Payments

Payments on World Architecture Community portal (Visa & Mastercard) are made through our bank's secure interface (with 3D-Secure where available). We also offer a bank transfer option.

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