World Architecture Community Redesigned


We are delighted to announce the redesign of World Architecture Community today! It a fantastic new design which is fully responsive on all your favorite devices. And this time, we made it! :)

Although the system is quite intuitive and the design was created with simplicity in mind, there are few things we would like to share with you to get you started quickly.


Sign-Up and Sign-In


As a ground rule, on all devices (mobile or not), everything about the user is in what's called by the geeks the Hamburger Menu. It is found at the top right of your screen at all times. When using mobile devices smaller than a portrait format iPad for example, the rest of the World Architecture Community menu will move into the hamburger menu as well.

If you are not a registered member with World Architecture Community, click the SIGN UP button to create your new account. The process is totally free of charge.

If you are a registered member, fill-in your username or e-mail address and your password, then click SIGN IN. If your information is correct, you'll notice the menu has changed. If not, you will notice an error message.

In the event you forgot your password, just click the orange PASSWORD button. You will be asked to provide your e-mail address on record for you. The system will then send you your username and password to that e-mail address for your convenience.

Once you've signed-in, you'll see all your account related options there... Because World Architecture Community uses cookies to recognise you, as long as you don't specifically SIGN-OUT.




We've completely redesigned the search capabilities on World Architecture Community. You can now easily find news articles, projects, members, blog posts. Click on the magnifier at the top right, next to the hamburger menu. Start typing a word or a name and press enter... All the results of your search will be presented in a completely organised way.

There is a lot more we could tell you about the improvements brought by the redesign of World Architecture Community, but rather than reading about them here, you are probably better off browsing through the site by yourself. One last thing though is we highly recommend you test the portal on mobile devices like tablets and phones... It's just amazing!

But the changes are not just for mobile users. The redesign makes it smoother to navigate on all devices. We also started broadcasting from multiple continents and servers to improve the performance. You'll sure notice the difference when browsing around. It should now be much faster, wherever you are connected from around the World.

Go ahead and browse through the thousands of projects uploaded by our community members. There are some that are definitely worth your while...

Enjoy the redesigned World Architecture Community and don't hesitate to let us know how you liked it on twitter with #WACommunityRD.

- World Architecture Community Team