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Czech Sustainable Houses 2018 Architectural Student Competition

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Czech Sustainable Houses 2018 Architectural Student Competition

Czech Sustainable Houses (Český ostrovní dům) 2018 architectural student competition is searching for the buildings of the new generation! The project took off in 2016, and since then it's been pursuing new approaches, which provide “fully functional, progressive and smart solutions into beautiful, self-sustaining and highly economic buildings of the new generation."

How to build a house which helps make a breakthrough in building and housing industry? What are the possibilities of the next evolutionary step of our homes and buildings? Are there better ways, whether off-grid, hybrid or active, to keep modern life standards more responsive to the ecological issues? Czech Sustainable Houses project launches the third year of successful student architectural competition and aims to come up with innovative ideas to these questions. 

Czech Sustainable Houses 2018 Architectural Student Competition

One of the winner projects of the previous competition. Image © Navrhl Daniel Brýda

The imperative of this challenging student competition is that the proposals have to make use of the technologies that are available today, and the ordinary person could be able to imagine and buy them. What's more, architecture students get unique chance to share know-how, receive public attention, being awarded great prizes and having their proposal to be realized on a designated land with specific clients.

The participants can attend both from bachelor and masters levels from any school in the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. There will be two identical introductory workshops in Prague and in Brno (please see the detailed schedule below) for students in order to clarify the rules, assignments and answering questions.


1st place = 30.000 - CZK, (1,470 USD)

2. Place = 20.000 - CZK, (980 USD)

3. Place = 12.000 - CZK (approx. 590 USD)

Sketches = 2.000 - CZK (approx. 100 USD)

Czech Sustainable Houses 2018 Architectural Student Competition

Detailed Schedule:

February 12, 2018 - Start of the competition, publishing the assignment directly on the webpage

February 28,  2018 - Prague Workshop (participation) - more info here

March 1, 2018 - Brno Workshop (participation) - more info here

March 27, 2018 - Workshop for the general public at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague. Selected guests and their presentations on the subject: "How will the house look like in 2030?" (participation advantage) - more info here

June 15,  2018 - Submission of the proposals in the first round of the competition

June 29, 2018, FREE training at the CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague - (all authors of the proposals submitted in the first round of the competition can use it, strongly recommended for the second round)

June 28, 2018 - Opening of the second round of the competition, linked to a workshop on energy self-sufficiency and independence of buildings (participation required) + feedback from the jury

September 21, 2018 - Final presentation in the second (final) round of the competition

The announcement of the competition and all the details can be found here. Any question should be sent to [email protected]    

Top image:  © Navrhl Vojtěch Lichý, courtesy of the competition

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