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Jeanne Gang closed the gender wage gap at her office and called others to do the same

United States - Jul 6, 2018 - 04:58   3448 views

American architect Jeanne Gang's firm Studio Gang closed the gender wage gap at the office, and called other offices to do the same, published in an Op-ed article by Fast Company

"We believe this is a critical first step toward equity in design fields and beyond, and Jeanne’s work on this issue is a perfect example of her ethos of "actionable idealism", explained her firm sent in a short email alert. 

In her article, Gang stated that "despite our ideological commitment to equality (and though our numbers were significantly better than all the U.K. architecture firms reporting, in all categories), a small pay gap nevertheless existed between the women and men in my office." 

"We fixed that with this year’s raises and now have no wage gap as an organization."

The architect also called for other architects to use the "assessment tools" to see themselves where they are and to make the needed adjustments. 

"For those on the fence, perhaps it’s important to underscore that the push to achieve pay equity is both idealistic and pragmatic. In fields dedicated to creative problem-solving, it is critical to bring diverse people and ideas to the table and create a supportive environment in which varied skills and voices can develop," continued Gang. 

Top image: Jeanne Gang © Studio Gang 

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