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James Bond Museum seamlessly blended in the summit of Gaislachkogl Mountain in Austria

Austria - Aug 10, 2018 - 02:10   4245 views

Austrian architect Johann Obermoser has completed the James Bond Museum in the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, which is situated at 3,000 metres above the sea level. The museum, blended into its natural surrounding in two levels, is the highest museum of its kind. 

The 1300-square-metre building features a cantilevered part from the highest point of the mountain. All-white concrete volumes are becoming a natural part of the wild nature and a perfect action setting to reflect the deep atmosphere of Bond movies. 

The building is located next to the ice Q restaurant, the location for the Hoffler Klinik in Spectre. Where James Bond meets Dr. Madeleine Swann and the snow chase sequence begins in the film.

Neal Callow, the London-based art director who worked on all of the Bond films starring Daniel Craig, explains that they are inspired by the works of Sir Ken Adam, who was the production designer for the early Bond films. The whole combination of circular and rectilinear forms on the building reflect the his working style with geometric forms and different angles. 

Currently, the museum houses an exhibition titled "007 Elements" is the world's first cinematic installation dedicated to the world of James Bond. The installation focuses on the most recent film, Spectre, which was shot in Sölden, but also showcases the other titles in the 24-film series.

Valley Passage

This spectacular glass viewing space looks north over the Gletscherstraße, a filming location that was used in Spectre.

Barrel of the Gun

Visitors enter 007 Elements via the Barrel of the Gun, an atmospheric anteroom. This space focuses on two fundamentals that are synonymous with the James Bond films, innovative title sequences and dramatic, spine-tingling music.

"We paid particular attention to textures and contrasting light and dark," said Callow. 

"Using a reduced palette of concrete, steel, and glass, we marked out the various spaces using oversize stainless steel doors and suspended ceilings of perforated black steel that enhance the soundproofing. Inspired by Ken Adam, we set out to elevate the visitor-going experience to the artistic level."

Briefing Room

Actress Naomie Harris, who plays Moneypenny, narrates an exclusive film that explains how the series’ scriptwriting has led to location choices, and how these locations have, in turn, inspired some of the series’ most iconic studio sets. Special attention is given to the locations that form the story-scape for Spectre’s Austrian action sequence.

Tech Lab

The Tech Lab explores some of the cutting-edge technology that features in the Bond films. This state-of-the-art space allows visitors to interact with the technology and to explore some of the legacy props and digital creativity used in a James Bond production.


This room features an innovative piece of immersive digital theatre designed to showcase the characters and dialogue from the Bond films in a fresh and exciting way.

The exhibition guides visitors on a journey through a series of high-tech, interactive galleries, each distilling the craft of the signature elements that define a James Bond film — the beautiful title sequences and dramatic scores; the jaw-dropping action sequences; the cars, gadgets and technology; the breath-taking locations and iconic studio sets and lastly, a host of compelling characters.

Screening Room

In the Screening Room guests can watch the Austrian action sequence from Spectre with a fresh understanding of how it was created.

The collaboration between the project’s creative director, Neal Callow and the creative team at Optimist Inc. led by Tino Schaedler has produced an immersive, interactive, and informative experience that reveals how the world of 007 is made. 

The aim of 007 Elements is designed to tell the story of the making of 007 films through an ultra-modern, emotive and engaging experience while using the incredible location to place guests in Bond’s environment and bring the stories to life in a unique and unforgettable way.


The Lobby echoes the type of antechamber that Bond often enters upon his arrival at a villain’s lair. It features an exclusive film that is narrated by Skyfalland Spectre Director Sam Mendes, which takes the visitor through the history of the James Bond films, from Dr. No to Spectre. Mendes also describes his own personal connection to the series.

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