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Bineeta Ghoshal appointed as WAC's India Reporter

India Architecture News - May 24, 2019 - 00:13   2834 views

Bineeta Ghoshal appointed as WAC's India Reporter

Bineeta Ghoshal - India

Since May 22, 2019

Bineeta Ghoshal has been appointed as India's Country Reporter, as part of the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters program. Bineeta Ghoshal is architectural journalist and communications manager at One Digital in Delhi. She graduated from the Piloo Mody College of Architecture, Bineeta has an immaculate interest in the genre of architectural journalism, aiming to impart the residents of the world with creative and unknown facets of the enveloping built environment. 

Being a resident of the country where this aspect of architectural writing has not yet achieved its epitome and is struggling to be considered as a mainstream profession, she desires to reach out to the grass-root levels and establish this as a validated option in the prodigious panorama called 'Architecture'. She has worked with different architectural firms, gaining hands-on experience of the journey from a concept on paper to its constructive implementation. Ar. Bineeta has also been a content writer for both architectural and travel portals, owing to her interest in the urban and traditional facades that parade their stalwarts across the globe.

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