This project aims to connect the two historic parts of the souq Shuwayheen and its connection with the fort and water to revitalize the historic SPIRITE and VALUE of the site. Another goal of this project is to create an opportunity for the users to flow easily and at different levels from the Shuwayheen souq (arts area) to Al Arsa souq.

Shopwatch walk (a hybrid of a souq and a shopping mall) that emphasizes the tri fold linearity of the site creates a visual connection to the historic Shuwayheen souq, creek and arts area and fort.

The strategy is to combine the positive qualities of a modern shopping mall and an old souq to create a hybrid space, which allows the users to shop, watch and walk.
A centralized activity that lines up with the fort and creek becomes a connection between three arms that extend to the Shuwayheen souq, Al Arsa souq and the creek. These three arms would contain shops in the middle as well as walkways on the sides to allow not only shopping, but also watching the old fabric, fort and activities on the water. The shopwatch walk would be raised above ground for two reasons:
1.To prevent blocking of the current visual connection between the fort and creek.
2. To create shaded areas that can be used for temporary activities
Sites character statement:
The site has a tri fold linearity that consists of the old souq, car movements on the road and the dhow movement on the creek. In terms of activities, on one hand a very dynamic trading activity is constantly happening on the creek site. On the other hand, the Shuwayheen souq on one side and Al Arsa souq on the other side lack such energy. Vehicular movement disconnects all these different activities on the site.
The main issue is the bank road, which cuts the souq into two parts. Also the site lacks interaction and activities by different users with the fort and water.

The linear form of the Shuwayheen souq and visual connection that crosses it with the fort and creek on its axis, are the existing forces.