The whole concept revolves around a creation of a certain mystery throughout the house. The whole building is being divided into 3 parts (drawing & guest room along with sunken garden, lobby area along with kitchen and the third part is more of private bedrooms) when we see the plan and a different set of 3 parts when we see its facade. While we talk about elevation of the building, the left most portion creates a sense of outside-inside connection and being the west facing building the play of light and shadow through the vertical members will be very soothing to the inhabitants. Then again the central part of the building has a balcony which has a member all along its periphery which intersects the parapet wall and serves as the seat. The right hand side part of the building has been kept robust and grand to make an impact on the person entering into the building.



Area-300 yards

Ankita Sweety & Pratyoosh Chandan


3d visualisation