The lot is a reduced and irregular piece of terrain, almost residual,
that opens a way betweenthe rear and unaligned facades´heights
of a a group of housings and the almost vertical wall of a naturall
hillside, in which there are many train tracks and highways. A new
commutertrain station and the metallic structure of the existent
pediment determine the estremes of the lot and generate different
The sports complex is an uneven volume that complies with multiple
conditions that coexist in the lot. A semitransparent fencing of black
concrete and glass tries to respond to the different situations
generated between the transforming residential city and natural
hillside profounndlyaffected by industrialization.
The building generates small exterior spaces and empty interior
ones to adapt itself to the complexity of the envionment, to organize
the accesses, to capture the natural light and to express to the
users the vertical functioning of the project.
The implicit option of the project is a bare, unitary sports complex to
host physical activities, which is open to the transformed nature and
to the changing city.




Aleix Bagué