An atemporal container supported on the semi-urban grid, as an artificial element that only seeks to contemplate the environment, as well as the environment seeks to contemplate it. In a contemporary way, its boundaries evoke the remnants of the industrial era of Alta Gracia, the English style steel sheet houses, the station and the train.
The house has no specific clients, it was constructed for the purpose of the real estate market, where the challenge was to propose a more proactive concept as critical to the perverse ways of real estate production that propose housing as an object of profitable consumption



The structure is designed with continuous walls made of common brick, supported on reinforced concrete bases and metal columns on the corner windows. The flat roof was built of exposed reinforced concrete.
In order to minimize the impact of moisture, as it is an area of lush vegetation and little sunlight, we decided to cover the peripheral walls in black metal. The frames are made of natural aluminum combining mobile and fixed panels. The interiors have granite floors and kitchen and bathroom areas are clad in Venetian tiles. We sought material and structural coherence according to local resources and techniques.

Proyect: Juan Salassa, santiago Tissot and Ivan Castañeda architects.
Contributor: Architect Martin Mikaelian
Gonzalo Viramonte Architect: Photo credits.


Gonzalo Viramonte

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