Is that possible to create a more modern and chic landscape for pocket park of city? A modern outdoor space might bring a more unique experience. It is possible to be oriental or western, ornate or minimal in the spaces...... Materials and details, spaces and textures, Shadows and plants, Scenes and atmosphere, Among which a certain intrinsic correlation blends diverse contents into a complete picture through the matching of different interfaces. It seems everything is uniform, But you can still find unexpected surprises.
The universal righteousness often kills the myriad of possibilities that arise from emotional responses at the very beginning of design thinking. It allows inspiration to plunder the space and constantly dismantle and reorganize it, finding the scale of freedom between human and space in the collision of illusory emotions and real experiences.
We have created a stylish outdoor social venue where people can experience the architecture, talks to nature and also promotes more forms of communication and exchange.
Walking through 300-metre of juniper woodland from the city edge, which creates a courtesy from nature, reduces the inner hustle and bustle with such a transition, and presents the atmosphere of the space.
A continuous green belt that unfolds upwards from the bottom in a soft gesture like a staircase telling the story of modern geometric sequences and layers.
Surrounding by architecture, the courtyard is modelled on the hills and gullies to create a beautiful landscape under the forest. The picture of microtopography, metal surging path, and forest belt creates an artistic atmosphere of space in nature.
When you walk around the yard, light and shadows are freely scattered on the dark walls, the fluffy flower pools, the neat washed-stone ground, and your face. A cozy time of light tells an encounter between space and art.
When the passionate and intimate khaki meets with the calm and restrained grey aesthetics, the bright generosity of the northern landscape tells the mystery of introspection and profundity with the indistinct light and shadow which seems to have no concreteness and yet contains various imaginations.
The metallic edges of the waterscape float above the green belt, and the hollowed-out pool walls and large overhanging building terraces present a modern structural aesthetic of simplicity and lightness.
The simplicity of volume combination, together with the metal texture and natural stone itself to express its quality and modern geometric aesthetic.
The structure is built around a large tree, under the light and shadow of the shade, reflecting the softness and intimacy of the metal and stone.
A comfortable life may go through ups and downs, but it doesn't always need to be so painstaking. Without deliberately emphasizing every view, we create necessary twists and turns to make the scenery along the way more moving.



Passing through the branches, crossing the undulating ramp and listening to the sound of the water falling, you move your eyes and senses naturally to the next scene.
Soft leather sofas, cozy loungers, quiet water, animated plunging water, jumping wall fires, delicate grilles, comfortable shade, light verandahs, as if everything hinted at a prelude to a party.
Metal scenic wall, delicate grilles, soft leather sofas, terrazzo ground, here we have created MODERN POEM for the venue.

JTL Studio Pte. Ltd, Chongqing:Liu Zhan, Wang Xiaobo, PAX Ju, Liu Zhang, Zou Xingyu, Cai Ruidi, Chu Lingwei, Li Xiang, Wu Dan, Li Yingpeng, Zhou Yang, Chen Dan, Zhang Jingwen