The Carbo-sync: Technology shakes hands with nature; with the Algae Photobioreactor prototype on the facade, the Mixed-use Transit-Oriented high rise aims to solve the pollution crisis of Gurugram, India.
The site is a triangular peninsula flanked by two metro stations on either side. The impact of these transit stations has led to high pedestrian and vehicular densities on the primary roads. These metro stations act as nodes for other public vehicle stations like buses, autos, etc. Despite the presence of public transportation network on the site, Gurugram is one of the most air-polluted cities in the world (AQI 295). Climate Change is real and architecture needs to provide solutions!
The ‘Carbon Sink’ aims to restore the future via its ecological prototypical approach. The twin towers of 46 and 44 floors respectively, use Micro Algae Photo bio-reactors on their façade to carry out carbon sequestration. Two kinds of PBR prototypes (Exoskeleton and Panel system have been parametrically designed to optimise effective solar radiance on the façade for carbon sequestration. These algae panels not only sequester CO2 into biofuels for green mobility but also provide shading to the interior spaces; as the change in algae density darkens the green colour.
The programmes of the towers have been synthesised after thorough site mapping and understanding requirements. It’s an AI integrated multimodal transit hub that aims to detox the city of Gurugram, hence restoring the future. The elevated pedestrian deck across the site connects the two metro stations and the two primary roads for the pedestrians. the Site also has water features to control the micro-climate of the site and to create habitable & democratic space for all. The vertical stratification of the programme is done to keep the transit-related areas on the first 4 floors and the topmost floors for the service of Air taxies. Retail, co-work, Hotel spaces are stratified vertically with recreation & play spaces as buffer floors.


Site Location: Sikkanderpur, Gurugram, India
Site Area: 39035 sqm
Ground coverage: 16%
No. of floors: 44 & 46
FSI: 2.7
Programmes: Transit, Hotel, Retail, Co-work, Recreation

Ecological Prototype for Carbon Sequestration: Exoskeleton System & Panel System

Project Team Members : Saanchi Rajpoot, Janvi , Shubhangi