The forest-based Munda community is one of Bangladesh's 45 ethnic minorities, having their own age-old religion, culture, customs, language and knowledge, for which they are recognized as a unique group of people with different tribal traits. Originating in India, some of the Munda people travelled to Bangladesh around 300 years ago and have been living here ever since. Despite of their rich tradition and heritage, the Mundas are one of Bangladesh's most despised and disdained ethnic groups. Moreover, Mundas living in the Kalinchi village in the Sundarbans' ecological zone, one of the country's most vulnerable locations, are facing major challenges from saline intrusion, tropical cyclones, storm surges, and what not. As a forest-based community the Munda people wholly depend on the Sundarbans Forest socioeconomically. However, the ecological imbalance of the Sundarbans mangrove forest, as well as exposure to the long-term effects of climate variability, pose significant risks to Munda's living. Moreover, due to the lack of opportunities to practice their culture they have almost lost the thread of their own heritage and are on the verge of becoming forgotten people.

Project Process: If this community get some aid with disaster withstanding houses, education, technical training and social awareness they may be able to develop their present situation by utilizing their indigenous knowledge and making it economically "self-sufficient." This also may aid in the enrichment of their culture, lifestyle,language, and religion, as well as the introduction of their indigenous heritage to the rest of the world. Furthermore, this community-based development can be a role model for all other ethnic groups, motivating them to promote their indigenous identities while also maintaining economic well-being.

So that the project is about redeveloping Munda community's existing settlement to withstand disaster, providing the necessary amenities and encouraging community tourism without losing the original traits.

Project Aim: The project is based on bringing ;

Economical Resilience

Cultural Resilience

Environmental Resilience

Resilient Living Condition



Location : Kalinchi village ,Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh
Site area : 35 acres
Project type :Housing, Vernacular, Sustainable
Concept : "Revisiting the delta line". The concept is to bring back the topology of this delta by " Agro-forestry "which has been long lost by monoculture practice.

Designed by : Pallabi Dutta

Supervised by : Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman