• Project all about?
1/3rd part of the Shivaji memorial, a recreational plot rest on pile foundation use as oceanarium building. To attract wider public and built an exhibition space for entertainment.

Oceanarium building offers underwater journey, based on various themes such as Jim Corbett forest, Elephanta Cave, the tropical oceanarium, and coral reef – sea rainforest. Divide in to three zone such as main display, recreational hell and heaven zone etc.

Over 112 marine species, mammals, amphibian and reptile etc. are in the oceanarium building. Found in three coasts the Malabar, the gulf of Khambhat and Lakshadweep islands. This is where over 80% of the fish variety of India come from.

• Design views!
Project views first half; focus on oceanarium building as an individual. Develop on any recreational seashore area, elevated towards sea creating skyline reflection on water.

(Note: Minor changes will take place for example service zone, its drinking reservoir height reduces. Build inside the underground and all other respective service facilities needed likewise. While visitor or service jetty will be remove since; building is proposed on a recreational land elevated towards sea. So instead of it, visitor and staff parking as well as service transportation area etc. will be taking place besides oceanarium building at certain distance for better efficiency.)

While project views second half, focus on oceanarium building collaboration with Shivaji memorial.
The reason I have shown two different side of oceanarium. Because I wanted to show, how my oceanarium design will look like without any collaboration and act as a solo, with its own beauty to attack wider public.

The project focuses on its elevation because maximum number of a people watches its elevation; when they first arrive to see the building, either with or without collaboration.

One image of Isometric view, I have shown you in both the phases. But I have given more attention to its East and North side elevation and interiors, during designing time.



1. Location: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial Arabian Sea, off Marine Drive Mumbai, Maharashtra.
2. Shivaji Maharaj Memorial Site Area: 1, 59,600 (15.96 Ha) - RECREATIONAL PLOT
3. Proposed Oceanarium Campus Site Area: 30,621 m²
4. Building Floors: G 6 Floor
5. F.S.I: 0.50 (50%)
6. Building Carpet Area: 12,611 m²
7. Building Built Up Area: 15,131 m²
8. Ancillary Building Services Area: 12,500 m² (Free From F.S.I as per government norms)
9. Building Landscape Area: 12,951 m² (Free From F.S.I as per government norms)
10. Annual Energy Consumption & Surplus:
a) 500 solar panels for oceanarium space, which 500W per solar panel. Produce according to sun hours in Mumbai are as follows.
• Annual Required Energy Consumption: 547.5MW
• Annual Energy Generation: 799.7MW
• Annual Energy Surplus: 252.2MW
b) 250 solar panels for public space, which carry 500W per solar panel. Produce according to sun hours in Mumbai are as follows.
• Annual Required Energy Consumption: 273.75MW
• Annual Energy Generation: 399.8MW
• Annual Energy Surplus: 126.1MW

Anirudha .S. Adivarekar (Under graduation Project)
• Architecture thesis guide: Professor. Asha Baste (B. Arch from Pratt institute, New York)
• External architecture thesis guide: Professor. R .S. Dixit (New Diploma in Architecture from B.K.P.S, Pune)
• Structural engineer thesis guide: Professor. Prabhu Atre (Affiliate of American Institute of Architect)


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