The project is located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, at the intersection of Future 1st Road and Technology 2nd Road. The site is surrounded by industrial parks, universities, and residential quarters.The project plans to build a community complex integrating commercial services, light luxury apartments, and boutique hotels. The overall construction scale is 62,000㎡ above ground and 30,000㎡ underground.

There are three main concepts in the design. The first is to "excavate the industrial value of the non-central area of the city" and create a "new future landmark" for Optics Valley. The second is to respond to the existing landscape resources of the site, and to implant a "breathing landscape park" into the city. The third is to focus on the characteristics of youth groups and create a "super vitality stage" for them.

Iconic buildings are often simple and full of tension, so we choose the elevated L-shaped volume as the basic form of the tower. The entire building is like a light belt floating in the air. Driving here from the direction of the downtown, what jumps up in front of visions is a mirage-like luminous body in the sky. As night advents, the outline of the building recedes into the blue background of the sky, and all the lights of the building are lit up, creating a shining galaxy that leaps into the sky. The urban green area is naturally raised and extended to the roof of the podium, forming a three-dimensional landscape park. The inspiration of the central square comes from the effect of light blooming through the prism. The central plaza is open to urban roads in multiple directions, continuously attracting the public.


Location: Wuhan, China
Site area: 45620 sqm
Area construction: 93438 sqm
Number of floors: 12 F / -2F
Height: 64.80 m

Architects: Central-South Architectural Design Institute co.,ltd
Lead Architect: Yao Xin, Gao Peng
Design Team: Zhang Yeqing, Zhao Ming, Gao Liang, Kong Weiwei


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