"Dul- Duli" is the name of the town in the old Sumerian language and it means the "town of al qeer" and al qeer is a material that can be find naturally in the project's site as well as al qeer is an arabic name for the Tar material (a material that can be used for insulation applications and it was used in the ancient civilizations to save things forever such as sculptures).
‘’Dul- Duli Island Interpretation‘’ Is an interpretation center that is located on a wonderful Island (Al Hawejah), Heet, Iraq which it has been a place where so many civilizations passed through, a great place for agricultural life, a place that has been mentioned in religious books and prophets stories, and a site full of outstanding materials to use with buildings also an area where energy production started from thousands of years ago.

So the project was designed to spot the light on this amazingly beautiful potentials, to enhance the experiences of the visitors, deeply introduce people who came to know more about the site as well as to rehabilitee the site by designing oriented spaces to frame the views and pay visitor's attention to them with the use of local materials.
A structure was designed as a shading device above the interpretation center to give the feeling of being under palms fields and it is made of local wood and palm leaf.
Resort was designed to give people the chance to stay in the site for hours or days and enjoy the local life, the resort is raised and built on columns between an existed palms field.



Project Zoning
Under Water Gallery:
-Under water oriented spaces that show the mechanism of historical sites
-Prophets stories exhibition
-Local fishes aquarium

Interpretation center ground floor level:
-Boats terrace
-Oriented spaces to the historical sites
-Main gallery

Interpretation center first floor level:
-Terraces show the full site

-Three types of rooms (type A,B,C)
-Walking track

Ruqaya Hani
Supervised by: Yasmine Soudi