Only in cold winter does one know that the pine and the cypress are the last to shed their leaves.
QuJiangYanQi Song Life Hall depicts the living quarters of modern hermits. IAID focuses on the relationship between nature and human, between space and life. Water billows, pine lives like in spring, long breeze will be the rhythm of nature, as well as the elegance into the daily life.
Life is endless, so what to pursue? It is written in that there are fish in the north. Su zi once asked when to return to "be an idle person". Time is fleeting, whether to retreat to nature is the best choice?
If there were no matter, the universe would be turned into an ocean of particles.In the world of material civilization, we enjoy the most materialized life, which is not the whole essence of life. Life originates from nature, and it is still the ultimate dream of mankind to live in the joy of nature and civilization.
Life is full of rich stories, when we return to reality, return to nature, take care of everything, enjoy a moment of detachment and the outside universe.
When all things come back to life, the outdoor pine and cypress gradually shed the frost, and the dead wood ushered in the spring again, looking back at the firm heart, only to find that is the rhythm of nature shining and flashing life.



the total area:5000㎡

The client: 万众地产&珠江实业
Architectural design:翰时建筑
Landscape design:山水比德
Interior design:香港Peter Remediosstudio
Soft loading design:IAID无限营造(孟琳 于茜 娄蒙蒙 李琪 周斌 王伟)
Photography team:Benmo Studio 彦铭