ARTOTEC AB designs, develops, manufactures and sells innovative, accessible and sustainable recreational sculptures and urban furniture, easy to use, easy to install and require a minimum of maintenance. A robust equipment to create attractive environments for relaxation and sporting activities for all ages. ARTOTEC (Art & Technology) is a European company that combines artistic and innovative technology to the service of local authorities, contractors, architectural firms, landscape designers and urban furniture. ARTOTEC (Art & Technology) proposed in 2012 a range of 13 products recognized as aesthetic, durable, modern, futuristic, colorful and of the highest quality to create playgrounds and rest areas in any outdoor environment, enjoyable for younger or older adults, teenagers as well as for the youngest. ARTOTEC unique collection Art for your city, integrated into the environemental, functional architecture while maintaining a contemporary artistic identity, re-creative, comfortable, solid and fun. A unique conception inspired of an organical Design, futuristic shapes, ergomomic. Educational games, sports and rest areas for all young and older. An enhancement of public spaces in the service of citizens. A concept (Art & Technology) giving a dimension combining culture and urbanization. About ARTOTEC Research & Development ARTOTEC (Art & Technology) is an organization that is interdisciplinary bringing together experts from different fields of technology, science and art to promote the creation of new playgrounds, street furniture and outdoor equipment for children and adults. New equipment dedicated to the game, sport and rest called recreational sculptures are created in respect of safety, aesthetics and social and educational elements that make up this segment of the outdoor life. High quality technical achievements is a sign of the seriousness of the entrepreneurial spirit ARTOTEC AB. Today, we managed to create a network of visual artists, designers, landscape architects, planners, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, artisans and qualified contractors, which together work for the creation and implementation of innovative and creative environments, playgrounds and public spaces under the name ARTOTEC. For ARTOTEC (Art & Technology), the future is now with its futuristic furniture, modern, colorful, easy to built and a signature for quality. Designed by Frédéric ARTOTEC AB . Sandtorpsvägen 5 . 153 30 JÄRNA . STOCKHOLM . SWEDEN Cel : +46 (0)70 22 37 842 . Tel : +46 (0)8 551 701 77 . E-mail : [email protected]

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