AAPB was created in 2001. Its growth was stimulated by innovation and vanguard in the design of architectural projects. Currently AAPB is a multifaceted company with vast experience in architecture and urbanism. Our portfolio demonstrates our experiences that in different circumstances, and with different degrees of development, can be presented as symptomatic of the acquired knowledge and activities. Such projects include “LOTE A“ in Vila Nova de Gaia and “Torre Luanda 01” highlighting their soaring complexity programmable differences. Concerning urbanism, the Gaiarts building was of elevated complexity in terms of programmability in which the development of the initial project idea was in dissociable of further licensing and commercialization processes. The Gaiarts building is currently under construction. Detailed plans of the Arneiro and Sassoeiros validate the maturity and scope of technical knowledge available to AAPB on the topic of urbanism. Theses competitions show an innovative and differentiated approach to otherwise complex issues involving size and in particular, cultural differences. Experienced in the challenges that may arise, AAPB presents a professional and diversified approach centred on the requirements of the project, led by the understanding and knowledge of its collaborators. These projects insured sustainable growth and an enriched sense of the knowledge to AAPB’s technical resources and has led to greater ambition at the opening of new projects.

Office Members

  • Paulo Bernardo