Mariam Issoufou founded atelier masōmī in 2014. She believes that sustainable architecture is not only about innovation and technology but also about sustaining people’s way of life. The firm in Niger’s capital of Niamey, is spearheading projects in disparate places like New York, Brazil, Sharjah, Niger, Liberia and Senegal. Previous projects include a regional market in the village of Dandaji, the Niamey 2000 housing development as well as the Hikma Community Complex. The aim is always to look towards the past for inspiration as well as the memory of a place for inspiration. atelier masōmī's most important collaborators are not only the technologies and engineers who help to bring the projects to life but also local artisans, masons and crafters who hold the memory of a place. atelier masōmī is focussed on bridging existing gaps, stimulating economic growth as well as starting new conversations around the importance of cultural identity. The  team, diverse in experience and cultural background, always strives to deliver innovative and iconic projects that go beyond clients expectations

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