OFİS 16 ARCHITECTURE is an architectural design office, founded in 2011, based in Ankara, which is mainly concentrating on architectural concept projects, construction projects and urban design projects. Since it was founded, while producing projects in various scales as a multidisciplinary office, it was aimed to create innovative and world-class projects while blending the context of the project and client requests with rationalist solutions.

Since it takes an active role in all phases of the design process, Ofis 16 Architecture provides a wide range of architectural service from interior design to detail drawings. With an approach of creating realistic and applicable architectural projects while considering national and international regulations, Ofis 16 Architecture has vast experience on national and international projects by means of its dynamic team.

While Ofis 16 Architecture is following construction technologies and production techniques closely, all projects are being carried out by means of computer programming of the latest technology for responding the project needs. Since 2012, the projects are being developed completely in BIM / Building Information Modeling, from concept design to the details in depth, which is providing most efficient production process.

Ofis 16 Architecture has won several awards in national and restricted architecture and urban design competitions.

Office Members

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  • Eser Koken Isleyici

Projects by Ofis16 Architecture Office

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