A creative fusion of minds from common yet colorfully diverse design backgrounds, Ginseng Chicken was conceived when its three head chefs, Jeeyong An, AIA, Hosung Chun, LEED AP and Sang Hwa Lee, LEED AP first crossed paths in 2006. After years of planning, collaboration and slow simmering, Ginseng Chicken was finally brought to the table in New York City. The team is involved in a wide range of projects from single family homes, restaurants, hospitality venues to fashion shows. Instantly gaining gravity with its creative energy, Ginseng Chicken now regularly collaborates with a group of over 10 professionals from various organizations operating within the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design and urbanism. Ginseng Chicken continues to garner public interest and join forces with other entities in the design industry sharing the ultimate goal of excellence in design. Ginseng Chicken was first introduced to the international audience with its proposal for Chicago`s Union Station 2020 plan which brought the team the honor of becoming a part of the 2008 Burnham Prize of the Chicago Architectural Club. The project was featured in the Burnham 2.0 exhibit held at the Chicago History Museum as well as the Burnham 2.0 publication. Other projects of Ginseng Chicken, including the Perfect Fashion Show have been featured in major publications such as Vogue Magazine. Ginseng Chicken’s primary motivation is to imbue the architectural design process with various cultural influences. The three partners` were all born in Korea and have trained and lived in western countries for various lengths, reinforcing their culturally diverse sensibilities.

Office Members

  • Jeeyong Ann