Soyuz Talib Architects Pvt. Ltd. (STAPL), a creative architecture and design practice based in Navi Mumbai, India have contributed to the skyline of this well-planned city.

Their portfolio consists of a blend of modernistic yet functional Architecture and Interiors. They have shaped a range of Commercial, Residential & Industrial projects. An active practice with a studio size of over 40 passionate team members, they have grown at a steady pace within the business segment.

Soyuz Talib, Principal Architect; founded STAPL in 1999. His designs are recognizable in the satellite city’s most prolific buildings; that have redefined the benchmarks of architecture in Navi Mumbai. When you speak to Soyuz about STAPL, he says “What really sets us apart is the interest we take in the minutest details of our projects. We try and maintain the spirit of each creation and prioritize the functional aspects for the clients. The attempt is to integrate the real, imaginary and symbolic aspirations of the project. Though our footprint has grown at a fair pace, we are always keen to get involved in every step we take. Be it small or big; master planning to the smallest interior project, we like to have our way.” His design philosophy has always been to do progressive work. “…first the box and then out of the box.” “

“Our work is a response to the numerous questions that a design brief brings out.  We aim for simplicity, precision and material relevance; and through it all an intervention that can stay pertinent in the perspective of time” says Kavita Parwani Talib, who heads the Interior design team at STAPL.

Though open to constant change, STAPL is driven by Frank Gehry’s famous quote, “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” The dream is towards creating, exploring & transforming space as a conscious response to a function; often balancing their ideas with the socio-cultural need of the user. Their designs are a result of a rationale that has been painstakingly gathered over years of practice.

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