USU architect office was founded in 1997. Tomoko Murata participated as a partner in 2006. Tikuhouinkyo, which is completed in 2000, is a renovation of garage at the first floor of the concrete building. It is a pioneer of renovation boom. Some buildings are newly built, destroyed without maintenance and built again. On the contrary to this discontinuous way of construction, we aim at the continuous way of construction to break down boundaries between a new construction and a renovation in various ways and sizes of architecture. At present I am interested in not only architectural cycle, but also another big cycle like people, nature, other beings and safe food. At the meantime I am looking for the way of new architecture and city to be acceptable internationally with the local and deep communication of the various people such as in village, public administration and colleges and teachers related biotechnology in my hometown, Kameoka in Kyoto.

Office Members

  • Tetsuya Matsui