the practice The Practice is based at he Artisan Retreat, a live-work space set within the Old Town of Nicosia.The Practice produces high quality innovative architectural design, inventing environmentally appropriate building solutions. We wish to contribute towards a rethinking of the design process and to implement individual design solutions that approach the building procurement in a spherical context and in a progressive and environmentally appropriate manner. We admire architecture in all its manifestations; to us they reflect-and are part of-the political, social and economic circumstances of our history. We reside in Old Nicosia, Cyprus and find ourselves inspired us to explore and understand various cultures and embrace them using environmentally sound techniques consistent with tomorrow`s needs. We wish to engage healthy progressive thinkers-individuals, clients and organizations-into helping shape our better tomorrow through design. We invite our clients to investigate with us new ideas that will improve our built environment and act as positive influences to our society. Ecohouse concepts, building efficiency, privacy, sustainability, natural ventilation and light, the merging of the indoors to the outdoors, financial capability, adaptive reuse are goals and tools at the same time. These goals stem from our personal sensitivities and sometimes worries, for which we are occasionally producing articles. Our Practice, with its fair exposure on residential projects, interior and landscape architecture, historic building preservation, hotel and commercial design, as well as real estate development can be a serious business partner to your endeavors. bringing experience in the value-adding process. We can serve the needs of a property developer seeking our collaboration, the requirements of a home owner seeking our input, or the needs to investigate various design solutions to create a master plan for a larger property.

Office Members

  • Andreas Lordos