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A new video by PLANE-SITE explores the relationship between the city and its airports

United States Architecture News - Jul 11, 2018 - 03:14   3873 views

A new video by PLANE-SITE explores the relationship between the city and its airports

PLANE-SITE has released its new video exploring the relationship between the city and its airports. A new short film initiated by the non-profit organization AERIAL FUTURES takes a look at the complex interface between the city and its airports. 

Created on the occasion of the AERIAL FUTURES: Urban Constellationsthink tank in New York City, this short film asks how these fragmented constellations can be reimagined more holistically, in order to simultaneously improve air travel and urban life.

Multiple-airport cities present new challenges for passengers and urban dwellers who may struggle to navigate their aerial infrastructure. Airports within a single city, frequently owned and operated by different governing bodies, are often in competition with one another, and may lack sufficient infrastructure to connect them. This can lead to unpredictable and even confusing experiences.

A new video by PLANE-SITE explores the relationship between the city and its airports

With seven airports in its metro area, New York City offers an ideal case study to reimagine airports as a choreographed urban ecosystem, as reliant on architecture and urban planning as it is on technology and data-driven design.

The film features experts who discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future of New York City’s aerial infrastructure, drawing on the New York think tank’s focus on urban design and digital interfaces.

This film launches in the run-up to the next public AERIAL FUTURES event, taking place on Thursday, July 19 at Denver Art Museum. This edition, entitled Constructed Landscapes, will ask how airports influence the future of mobility and transportation. Speakers include YJ Fischer from Virgin Hyperloop One, Curtis Fentress from Fentress Architects, Amy Ford from the Colorado Department of Transportation, and Fred Merrill from Sasaki.

AERIAL FUTURES is a non-profit organization exploring innovation in the architecture of flight, technology, and the broader urban mobility ecosystem. Through research, symposia and think tanks, AERIAL FUTURES provokes timely dialogue about our aerial age and imagines emerging futures in a connected, multimodal world. We bring together leading thinkers, makers, and operators for interdisciplinary and challenging conversations.

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