World Architecture Awards 10+5+X Submissions

World Architecture Awards Submissions / 40th Cycle

Please use this and the following pages to Vote if you are a signed-in registered member of World Architecture Community, or to Vote if you are a Honorary Member or one of the winners of a previous cycle WA Awards 10+5+X. You will find the submissions of the projects participating in the current cycle below and in the following pages. Feel free to Vote for as many projects as you wish. Thank you for your support of the WA Awards 10+5+X and making this the one of the few architecture competitions where the community also has 5 projects to chose in each of our 3 categories (Realised, Designed and Student). After completing Architectural Projects category, please continue your Voting with Interior Design Projects category in the orange button below.  

Please keep in mind that you will see the Vote button active when the World Architecture Community officially announces the Voting period on the website and emails.

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