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LIVE [be, inhabit, subsist, experience] ’Man’s relation to locations, and through locations to spaces, inheres in his dwelling. The relationship between man and space is none other than dwelling, strictly thought and spoken.’ ~ Martin Heidegger, Building Dwelling Thinking 1951.

Could we think about an alternative society in which we could perceive space as part of a four-dimensional system in which the inhabitants, the use and the occupation can alter in time? If consuming were not the main motto anymore, if production and distribution would be reduced to the satisfaction of our global basic needs, wouldn’t we have more free time to live? Where would personal creativity and action find its place? How could a post+capitalist society affect our daily lives and the way we envision housing? Would we still own and if yes, what would we own? Compulsory, the heritage to our kids would be a different one. Assuming that our cities can provide “everything we need”, how could an after crisis scenario look like?

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