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PLAT Journal 3.5 - MODEL MISBEHAVIOR - Call for Submissions

Reacting to a crisis can save the day. But what about just acting out? How can misbehavior instigate change by ignoring proper etiquette, breaking the rules, or disrupting entrenched practices? PLAT 3.5 invites forays into model misbehavior in the form of projects, images, drawings, essays, photographs, prints, manifestos, scholarly papers, philosophical expeditions, rants, bagatelles, and filthy jokes. Playful inversions, subversions, and versions of perversion change the way we see things.
Purposeful mischief makes way for new practices. Think Marcel Duchamp, Hunter S. Thompson, or Frank Zappa. But what disciplinary measures result from this misbehavior? How can prudent wrongdoing ripple beyond the discipline? What conventional behaviors is the trickster toying with? And what exactly does all of this humor and cheekiness produce anyhow?

PLAT is an independent Architectural Journal published by students at the Rice School of Architecture. Its purpose is to shift architectural discourse by stimulating new relationships between design, production, and theory. It operates by interweaving student, faculty, and professional work into an open and evolving dialogue that progresses from issue to issue. Curating worldwide submissions in two annual issues, PLAT serves as a projective catalyst for architectural discourse.
>visit: platjournal.com

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