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Past Shock is a curatorial project born to investigate how the Retrofuture influenced our perception of the progress. It stems on a specific research made by Francesco Lipari on the issue #5 of CityVision magazine and presented at MACRO museum in Rome during the event I Have Seen The Future in February 2012. Past Shock will be focusing on the architectural imaginative world that has never been expressed in our cities. Past Shock is a project entirely conceived by CityVision to spread new ideas on a possible future that has been abruptly cut by the past.

The event will feature:
- GIACOMO COSTA, speach on the Past Shock topic
- OVERBODY, installation by Lash-up + Mlab Architects
- RIFLESSIONI SUL TEMA audio-video Performance by Cristiana Palandri + Cosimo Balestri

Moreover during the event the last issue #7 of CityVision Magazine will be presented and freely distributed as also unpublished new works of young Florentine architects about the PAST SHOCK topic that will enrich one of the main tracks of the project: Papers, Images, X Project, New York Cityvision, Daily X.

>visit: pastshock.wordpress.com

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