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Professional Practice and the Future of the UIA

UIA Council met in Strasbourg, France, on 18 and 19 October, hosted jointly by the French, German, and Swiss member sections.

During this session, Council reaffirmed UIA’s commitment and strong attachment to the Recommended International Guidelines for Policy on Practice in a Host Nation. Council strongly urged UIA member sections to include them in their national codes of ethics in the interest of the architects of their countries in order to encourage mobility and contribute to the respect of identities, cultures, local resources and environment.

Given the effects of the global economic crisis and increasing unemployment that has serious repercussions especially the young architects, Council expressed the wish that UIA make available tools to facilitate their access to the new professional opportunities created by responsible and ecological architectural design and the planning of friendly towns that are respectful of the environment. These opportunities should be listed and disseminated.

The Council confirmed pursuit of the UIA Strategy on Responsible Architecture launched during the United Nations Climate Conference, COP 15, in Copenhagen in 2009.

Council expressed the wish that at its next session in Durban, South Africa, on 17 and 18 March 2013, a discussion be held on the future of the UIA based on proposals submitted by the five UIA Regions.

This 120th session of Council took place during the “Twenty-four hours of architecture”, a festival of contemporary architecture organised for the first time in Strasbourg by the Maisons de l’architecture, with the support of the National Council of the Order of French Architects.

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