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OTDI 2012: Claus Freyinger of The Los Angeles Design Group

Lecture 4 of the OTDI 2012: Forge, Forage, Fabricate lecture series

The Los Angeles Design Group, LLC (The LADG) is a firm specializing in contemporary design at all scales. Founded in 2004 by principals Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder, The LADG is both a service-oriented firm dedicated to building real projects, and an experimental laboratory advancing the state of architecture through research, provocation and novelty. This dual commitment means that advanced design strategies and technologies are tested in a lab setting and then exported for use in real-world building. It also means that those same real-world building propositions are revealed to have radical and experimental implications if they are understood as laboratories for design invention in themselves.

The LADG is currently pursuing these twin goals in a multi-year commitment to rethinking architecture as the design of objects as opposed to the design of larger, abstract organizational schemes like space, structure, or volume. The firm has completed projects in California, Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, New York and the UK, with a portfolio of building types that includes multi-family residential buildings, retail interiors, tenant improvement packages, single-family residential buildings, interior renovations, graphic design and industrial design.

For more information visit: http://laforum.org/content/lectures/afterimage-forge-forage-fabricate-3

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