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Grasshopper Data Driven Workshop – Cava De’ Tirreni, Salerno

The workshop is aimed to provide the basics of parametric and generative modeling through Grasshopper, plug-in of visual programming visuale for Rhinoceros.

“Tools are extension of our minds and our nervous systems. Through devices we are able to capture more invisible data to make it visible and readable. Self monitoring triggers selfknowledge and self awareness. This new and enormous potential about aquiring data can drive better our design explorations and customized solutions.”

The space in which we live can be monitored in many aspects and appears to be to be a gradient of data in continuous evolution and change. One of the major advantages of parametric tools is to be able to inform the design processes with accurate, specific and variable, in space and time, data streams.
“Data Fields” is a Grasshopper workshop (Rhino3D plug-in) that will focus on how its nature as an information processor and how it can be used in order to acquire and manipulate data, streaming inputs from various sources and use datafeeds to inform geometry or data structures from the very simple up to more complex ones. The aim is to give an understanding of information and data articultion as already a spatial and architectural operation. Results may range from pure data communication protocols, dataviz or data-driven geometries.

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