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Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees

Architect Vincent Callebaut has come up with a possible relocation destination for the climate change refugees in the form of the “Lilypad” concept – a completely self-sufficient floating city that would accommodate up to 50,000.

Wallpaper* custom covers

Wallpaper* teamed up with the tech wizards at Kin Design to pull of the extraordinary feat that was our custom covers project. Kin tailored software for us, giving you the chance to create your own cover for our Handmade issue of the magazine online, using a palette of images, textures and type from ...

What About the WAIzine Release

Architecture is a product of the struggle between poli­tics, the environment, history, the city, the client, and the public

How To: Ride a Bicycle and Draw at the Same Time

An unusual invention. This drawing machine is a crazy looking bicycle that creates stunning works of art while the artist exercises. If I could have one of these in my home, I would devote an entire wall to these colorful designs.www.bitrebels.com/geek/how-to-ride-a-bicycle-and-draw-at-the-same-tim ...

A Physicist Solves the City

For Geoffrey West, the world is always most compelling at its most abstract.

Raindrop-Shaped Treetents by Dré Wapenaar

Wapenaar’s treehouse tents are composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas and measure thirteen feet tall with a 9 foot diameter.

Abandoned Bunkers

A beautiful and historic photographic work by Jonathan Andrew, based in Amsterdam, focusing specifically on buildings and bunkers at the time of World War II across Europe.

one sculptor > ron van der ende

Ron van der Ende is dutch sculptor artist from industrial city of Rotterdam, which has left its stamp on all of his creative works. Rons uniqueness is not so much in his works, as in the technique he uses. Ron creates realistic bas-reliefs. Ron finds all the materials for his works at the streets: o ...

Hobbit House by Simon Dale

Isn t it great to live in the house that you built with your own hands? When you are your architect, you put your soul into your house design and make everything exactly how you want it to be. It’s also the best way to save money. Simon Dale and his father in law built this beautiful house in Wales ...

Meier or Piano? A Provocation.

Archinect features an interesting article on Meier s Museum and Piano s addition.

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